Puppy Training

Owning a puppy is a big commitment and it is important to start your puppy off on the right paw so it can become a well-adjusted and well behaved member of your family. Normal puppy behaviour includes all those behaviours that we consider a problem, such as biting, jumping up, chewing, digging, barking and inappropriate toileting. We need to teach our puppies that these behaviours are not appropriate.

When your puppy is young between 8-16 weeks is the important time to socialise and train them. Puppies learn very quickly with proper instruction, these first few weeks are extremely important for your puppy and the training it learns now will last a lifetime. A well trained dog will become a great family pet. Like children, dogs need to be taught manners and the rules of the house.

Our puppy classes are run by our Qualified Dog Trainer who will show you and your family how to:

  • Train your puppy to sit, stay, heel, come, drop, and more.
  • Socialise your puppy with other dogs, and people.
  • Teach you how to groom, bath, clip nails, check ears & teeth, medicate and generally care for your dog.
  • Maintain good health for your puppy.
  • Understand basic dog behaviour.


We encourage children to participate in our puppy classes so they too can play a role in looking after their puppy in a fun way.

Weekly classes are held in our purpose built training facility located at the back of the clinic.

WHERE: Highton Veterinary Clinic
DURATION: 6 weeks
COST: $125.00

CONTACT: 03 5243 0077 to book a space

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