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Puppy Classes

The most critical time in a puppy’s life for development is between 8 weeks to 16/18 weeks of age. This is when the puppy needs to build a ‘good reference library of experiences’ to help it cope into adulthood and give it good skills for the rest of its life.

Adolescent Classes

This course is designed to help you teach your dog basic manners at that tricky adolescent age. Training is informative and taught in a fun way using real life situations. The classes teach you to be proactive in reading your dog.

Puppy Play Dates

Puppy Play Date is an exciting, fun and new class at Highton Vet Clinic. Puppy Play Date is for HVC clients who have attended our training classes to help proof what has been taught in a safe, directed and controlled environment. 

One on One Behaviour

Lessons are held in the purpose built training facility at Highton Veterinary clinic. Often these lessons can be complex as we learn about your dog, unpack the issues, strategies and work plans, so please allow between 60 to 90 minutes for these lessons.

Canine Academy

Focused individual skill classes that can be booked as an individual class or as a cluster of consecutive classes. Each class is designed to focus on a particular skill set that you and your dog may need tweaking. 

Bubs and Pups Classes

An innovative new class designed to help support your dog/s with the pending arrival of your new baby. We work on practical management skills to prepare for the arrival of your new baby, to limit stress on you and your dog.

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