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Google Maps location for Highton Veterinary Clinic

Highton Veterinary Clinic
88 Barrabool Rd
VIC 3216

03 52430077

In the event that your pet may need an operation, it is comforting to know the surgical and anaesthetic protocols used at the Highton Veterinary Clinic are of the highest calibre. We have a dedicated sterile operating theatre outfitted with quality surgical equipment, and our highly competent veterinarians and experienced, caring nurses deliver an exceptional standard of surgical care.

Safe anaesthesia is imperative at the Highton Veterinary Clinic; we use the safest modern anaesthetics, and veterinarians and nurses have extensive training in current anaesthetic monitoring equipment and techniques. Pain relief is a priority in even the most minor procedures and contributes to a safe, rapid and pain-free recovery for your pet.

All our surgical patients are discharged with a report explaining the surgical procedure, medications and home care instructions.