Six Monthly check ups for ongoing Medications

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Veterinarians operate under the same regulations as human pharmacists and the same reasons apply to vets that restrict you from walking into a chemist and buying restricted (S4) drugs over the counter. Even if you have had these medications prescribed earlier by a vet, you still have to see a vet once more and get a repeat prescription to obtain these medications if your initial medications have run out.


The Australian Veterinary Board advises that pets be seen by a veterinarian at least every six months for the purpose of using ongoing medications.


Ongoing medication needs to be monitored and adjusted accordingly. Doses change, medications are altered, additional medications are administered and current treatments can be stopped. Often additional blood tests are required to ascertain the medications' ongoing therapeutic benefits and we also need to ascertain if the prescribed medication has and long term adverse effects on your pet.


Our client management system allows us to closely monitor your pet's medications by quantity administered and time frames for dispensing to ensure that your pet has a long and healthy life. After six months of ongoing medication, you will need to bring your pet in for a veterinary consultation in order to continue on the course of medication.


Should we supply scheduled medications to clients and patients that we have not seen within a six month period of sustained use, then our veterinary license is at risk and we could be deregistered.