Radiology (X-rays)

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At Highton Veterinary Clinic, we aim to be at the forefront by offering your pet the best available facilities and care.

We have digital X-ray equipment at the clinic, which makes taking X-rays a joy rather than a laborious chore. Like digital photography, digital radiography eliminates the need to process films, and creates X-ray images that are instantly available on computer screens for examination by our veterinarians.

 Other advantages of digital X-ray include:

  • A lower exposure which means the procedure is safer for pets
  • Superior image quality
  • Perfect images can be more easily obtained with the first X-ray for rapid, accurate diagnosis
  • More environmentally friendly as there is no need for chemicals
  • Images can be stored and retrieved more readily
  • Images can be transferred between veterinarians or to specialists anywhere around the world for second opinions.










 Above is a chest X-ray of a dog










Above is an abdmonial X-ray of a dog