Responsible Pet Ownership

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Highton Veterinary Clinic
88 Barrabool Rd
VIC 3216

03 52430077

Your dog should be registered with the local council. Government legislation now makes it necessary to register your puppy at 3 months of age. Usually a discounted registration is available for desexed and/or microchipped pets. Your puppy should wear a council registration tag at all times.

A microchip is the best form of permanent identification and is implanted under the dog's skin. The number of the microchip is unique and the information is stored on a central database which is accessible Australia wide. The number links back to your contact details. This means if your pet is lost you can be quickly reunited with your dog. Microchips will soon become compulsory for all pets in Victoria.

It is also a good idea to attach a tag to your puppy's collar with your phone number on it.

When walking your dog make sure to take poo bags so you can quickly collect any faeces and dispose of them in a bin.