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There is now a wide range and variety of dog foods on the market. However they all vary in their quality. Diet is extremely important in a growing puppy; they have an increased requirement for energy but also for calcium and other nutrients essential for growing bones. This is especially important in large breed puppies. Your puppy's diet should be nutritionally adequate and made specifically for puppies to allow adequate growth and development.

We recommend feeding a high quality premium commercial puppy food, at our clinic we tend to recommend good quality food such as Advance, Hills or Royal Canin diets all of which are made and of high quality.

A puppy on a good diet should have a shiny, non-smelly coat that is free from dandruff. If the coat is dull, with dandruff or very dry and brittle and/or smelly then the diet is not adequate for its needs.

Some feeding recommendations are:

  • Feed a premium dry or canned puppy food. This food should make up 80-100% of your puppy's daily food.
  • From 4 months of age introduce your puppy gradually to bones. Eventually bones may be given at least twice weekly to help prevent dental disease. It also has the added benefit of keeping puppies busy for a while. Any bones can be fed as long as they are raw. Never feed cooked bones as these can splinter and cause internal damage or become an intestinal obstruction.
  • Rawhide bones and toys also allow the puppy to chew. Also carrots can be given to help keep the puppy's teeth clean.
  • Feed your puppy 3-4 meals a day until they are 6-9 months old, then you can reduce to them to 2 meals a day.