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Unless you are planning on breeding with your puppy eventually we strongly recommend desexing your puppy. Not only do we see unwanted puppies but many health and behavioural problems can be prevented by desexing.

In female dogs we commonly seen uterine infections as they get older, this is serious and can be fatal. Also we often see mammary tumours and sometimes uterine/ovarian tumours. These problems can be avoided with early desexing. Desexing also avoids the mess of a dog in season and the need to confine her away from other dogs while she is in season.

In male dogs we see more behavioural problems such as territory marking by urinating on everything and aggression to other dogs or people. There is also a tendency to wander to find females on heat, meaning entire male dogs are more likely to be hit by cars or injured. Also entire male dogs may develop prostate problems or testicular tumours.

Desexing can be done at any age, however we recommend between 3-6 months of age before bitches come into season and before male dogs develop undesirable behaviours.


Desexing a Male Dog:


Desexing a Female Dog: