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These are some of the items that you will need to make your puppy comfortable:

  • A warm bed to sleep in. Ideally in a warm, quiet location.
  • Puppy food, preferably the same as the breeder has been feeding. This way you will not upset their tummy by giving a completely new food. These would be better added a little later on.
  • A collar and lead. The collar should be the correct size for the puppy the day you bring him/her home. Make sure that 2 fingers can slip underneath the collar easily.
  • A food dish and a water dish. Heavy ceramic ones are good as they are hard to tip and can't be chewed.
  • Dog toys, such as a Kong toys, balls or a soft doggy toy.
  • Newspaper or puppy training pads to help with toilet training.
  • A crate if you are planning on crate training your puppy.


Make sure to puppy proof your house and yard as puppies love to chew. Item such as electrical cords, batteries, pesticides and cleaning products should be put out of reach.

Your puppy is still a youngster and will need lots of sleep. Often a short energetic play of about 10 minutes is followed by an hour or two of deep sleep. After eating your puppy will generally urinate and defaecate so make sure to take it to the toilet after eating.

Sometimes your puppy may be having trouble sleeping on the first night. Don't get it into the habit of having your puppy sleep in your bedroom; rather put your puppy to sleep in its own bed and if it is unsettled place a ticking clock under a cushion in its bed or you can put on a radio softly near the puppy.