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Kittens can be successfully litter trained from a very early age. To avoid accidents it is absolutely vital that for the early days and weeks in a new home, the kitten is aware at all times where the litter tray is. In a new environment, the kitten may not be able to find the litter tray alone especially with a home with two or more floors and several rooms. It is important that the kitten is restricted to one area for the first few weeks and only allowed into other areas of your home under supervision.

Make sure to watch your kitten carefully and if you see any signs they are about to go to the toilet in an inappropriate place pick them up and place them in the litter box. Take one of his/her paws and scratch the litter with it to encourage them to dig in the litter. If they use the litter box give lots of praise, if they don't make sure not to force the issue. By yelling you may make them afraid of the litter box.

Once your kitten has used the litter they leave the smell of cat urine that will encourage them to come back next time. If your kitten is still having accidents try transferring some urine or faeces to the litter box so the smell encourages them to use the litter.

Also make sure to put the litter tray in a quiet area so the kitten has some privacy, preferably in a corner or with at least one wall behind it. Don't put it near your kitten's food or water bowls.

There are now many commercial cat litters available and it is best to experiment and use what works best for you. Avoid scented litters and cats often do not like these. Avoid using clay clumping litter in young kittens as if accidentally ingested it may cause intestinal blockages. When your new kitten first arrives it may be advisable to use the same cat litter as the breeder to allow your kitten to settle in, later you can gradually change the litter to your desired litter. Remember to keep the litter tray clean at all times, otherwise the kitten may find an alternative site to use as a toilet if the tray is not cleaned.