Selecting Your Kitten

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Highton Veterinary Clinic
88 Barrabool Rd
VIC 3216

03 52430077

Now that you're the proud owner of a gorgeous little kitten you are may be wondering how best to look after your new pet. We at the Highton Veterinary Clinic would like to help by giving you the information that you need. These days with advances in veterinary medicine and increased owner care cats are living longer lives. So hopefully your pet will be a treasured member of your family for upwards of 16 or more years. That is why it is important to begin an appropriate health care and feeding regime with your kitten from an early age so they will grow up to be a healthy and contented adult cat. Also don't forget that owning a healthy cat has benefits for the owners as well, research has found that pet owners are less stressed, happier and have lower blood pressure than those who don't own pets.

We at the Highton Veterinary Clinic have put together this booklet to help you best care for you kitten. Remember that owning a cat is a big responsibility for the cat's entire lifetime and should not be taken lightly.