Play Time

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Highton Veterinary Clinic
88 Barrabool Rd
VIC 3216

03 52430077

Kittens love to play and it also essential for them to learn eye and paw coordination so they can develop the skills needed for survival fighting, hunting and territorial defence. Although these skills are not needed in the indoor pet cat the genetic instinct to learn these skills persists.

When playing with kittens avoid using your hands, as a moving hand becomes a play object and the cat may cause injury. It is best to encourage kittens to play with toys. A toy can be as simple as a ping-pong ball or crumpled paper. Wands with attached objects are fun for kittens as are small fleece toys. Avoid small objects that could be ingested and cause an intestinal blockage. Climbing poles and scratching posts also entertain kittens and encourage them to sharpen their claws on this rather than your furniture.