Pet Insurance

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Highton Veterinary Clinic
88 Barrabool Rd
VIC 3216

03 52430077

There are a number of good health insurance policies now available. Because we can’t predict what sort of mischief your cat may get up to in the future, insurance is a great idea. Bear in mind that although it is an added expense in looking after your pet it may save you hundreds in the long run and means you can rest easy if your pet needs to be hospitalised or treated. Insure your cat as young as possible, that way they will be insured for more medical conditions and are more likely to have cover in their senior years. If you need more information about insurance ask us at the clinic, we recommend Petplan Pet Insurance, and are able for kittens aged under 12mths of age to give you 4 weeks free insurance just because your a valuded client of ours.