Indoor or Outdoors

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There are many different opinions on whether cats should be indoors only or allowed to roam outdoors. It is up to the individual owner to decide as there are pros and cons for both. It has now been found that the life span of an indoor cat is longer than an outdoor cat, this is due to the health benefits and safety of an indoors lifestyle.

Being hit by cars is a common life threatening injury seen with outdoor cats. Indoor cats are also not exposed to the host of poisons that outdoor cats may encounter: eg, pesticides, trash, poisonous plants, and intentional poisonings.

Outdoor cats are also at greater risk of contracting an infectious disease. Many feline diseases including Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukaemia (FeLV) are transmitted from an infected cat to another. Often roaming cats are a source of such infections. Free roaming cats may also fight and cause the development of abscesses.

Parasites are also more prevalent in outdoor cats, these include fleas and worms. Some diseases can be transmitted to cat owners. Outdoor cats also face other dangers such as dogs and snakes. Also unfortunately there is a small minority of nasty people who sometimes kill defenceless cats for sport or pleasure.

Outdoor cats are more prone to becoming lost. Another danger of having an outdoor cat is that Australia is one of the leading countries in the world for skin cancer. Cats can be susceptible to skin cancer also, especially if they have white ears or a pink nose.

A cat curfew is also in place for cats between sunset and sunrise. This was introduced by the City of Greater Geelong Council in 2010. This is to stop cats fighting, making noise or attacking native wildlife. If the cat curfew is not followed the council may take further action with the cat owner.

Perhaps the best solution to allow your cat access to the outdoors but to avoid a lot of the potential dangers is to consider a cat proof fence or a cat enclosure. This allows the cat to enjoy the outdoors in a safe environment. Cat proof fences involve adding a fence extension, and are a simple and effective way to prevent your cat from jumping over your fence. Cat enclosures can be attached to a patio or fence and allow the cat to exercise by stretching, jumping or climbing. Cats prefer to do this than running long distances. Accessories like pet houses, cat walks, climbing poles, scratching posts, steps and ramps also make it more interesting for the cat.