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Kittens use a lot of energy to play and to grow in their early months. They should be fed a specially formulated kitten food that has abundant protein for tissue and organ development and also high levels of magnesium, zinc and iron to help them grow strong bones and teeth. Unlike dogs, cats are strictly carnivores and should only be fed a meat based diet. Kittens have small stomachs but large appetites so it is best to feed small amounts frequently. Initially, your kitten will eat at least 4 meals a day. This helps to provide energy throughout the day. If you can't do this, make sure to leave food out throughout the day. As kittens grow older you can reduce their feeding to 3 meals a day and by 6 months to 2 meals a day. Cats are natural ‘grazers' so it is best to feed your adult cat 2 meals a day rather than only one.

Kittens and cats require a fresh supply of water. Commercial kitten milk is a food and not a replacement for water. Although your kitten may enjoy milk they do not need it. However if you do feed kitten milk remember to adjust the food quantity accordingly. Make sure not to give cow's milk as the lactose in it may cause diarrhoea, only give specially formulated ‘cat milk'.

There is a wide variety of food available on the market. We recommend feeding a premium cat food available from the clinic; this ensures your growing kitten has all its nutritional requirements. We are happy to give you guidance at the clinic on feeding your kitten. The quantity of food to feed will vary depending on the quality and brand of food, check with the veterinary staff if you have any concerns regarding the amount of food to feed.

Many people ask whether to feed wet or dry foods. Dry complete diets do have lots of benefits. They help to remove plaque from the teeth and are not fussy or messy. They are clean to use, easy to store and has a longer shelf life than wet food. However some cats prefer a wet food's aroma and texture. Some worry that feeding dry food can cause urinary related disease in cats, however there are numerous factors that influence urinary related problems in cats and diet alone is not the sole cause. It is far more preferable to feed a good quality dry food than a lesser quality wet food for the cats overall health.

If you do plan on changing foods make sure to do it gradually over several days to avoid stomach upsets. Kittens should be changed over to an adult food from 12 months of age.

Remember your reward for feeding your kitten a good quality diet is a healthy beautiful adult cat