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Fleas are more prevalent during the spring and summer months, however if cat lives in a heated home then fleas may continue to be a problem over the winter months too.

Fleas cause pets to itch and bite. Some cats are allergic to flea saliva and may develop nasty skin conditions in response to fleas. Fleas can be difficult to see, however sometimes you can see their faeces as small black specks in the coat.

Although fleas do prefer pets they will bite humans. Cat and dog fleas don't discriminate and may jump between the 2 species. Once a female flea has fed on a pet they produce eggs, up to 200 eggs a day or a colossal 2000 in a life time. This means only one flea is needed to start a flea problem.

Flea eggs can survive for up to a year in the environment (ie. in your carpets or furniture).

A continuous flea program is advisable to keep your dog and house flea free. There are many flea products available; we recommend either a spot on product such as Advocate or Revolution. These products are safe and effective, the ingredients spread throughout the body so that any fleas that jump on the cat die quickly.

Flea collars, flea shampoos and other supermarket products are not very effective and do not solve a flea problem.

When treating for fleas, make sure to treat all animals in the house at the same time. Did you know over 90% of common skin problems are caused by or worsened by fleas, so it is important to keep on top of the problem.