Stiff and sore legs in cold weather!

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Hi! I'm Marion the vet. This is my first blog for Highton Vet clinic, in fact, my first blog ever. I'm excited for the opportunity to reach even one person (hopefully a few more!) with some helpful advice aimed at some common problems we see at the clinic. My aim is to create healthier happier pets which in turn should help the pet-human bond in general.









If anyone needs to chat about these topics we always have staff available at the clinic to advise.
Here it goes!....
I smell BACON!!
Off my bed and to the kitchen I go,
Grooann, so stiff and sore in my hips, maybe I shall lie here and wait for it to come to me.
Here it comes, good human.
No thanks I do not want to sit, my elbows are a bit sore as well. Wag and soulful-eye-look initiate!
THANKS human friend I love you!
Elderly pets can slowly become less active for many reasons. But one reason is arthritis.
It happens so gradually that as humans we can fail to recognize it is happening.
Typical signs of arthritis are:

  •  Lagging behind on walks (dogs)
  •  Panting more (dogs)
  •  Unwilling to jump up or down (dogs and cats)
  •  Hesitant on stairs (dogs and cats)
  •  Sleeping more and stiff when they get up (dogs and cats)
  •  Irritability (dogs and cats)
  •  Unkept coat/failure to groom (cats)

If we do not adjust their diet appropriately a lot of these guys end up putting on weight due to a decrease in exercise. This extra weight puts even more pressure on sore joints making the arthritis signs worse.
It is not just arthritic pets that benefit from being the correct weight. Heart and lung disease, liver disease, pancreatic disease, diabetes, urinary tract disease and many more health issues are more common or made worse by being overweight.
Weigh in! At Highton Vet Clinic our friendly and qualified vet nurses can provide a complimentary assessment of your pets weight and offer advice on weight management.
There a many special diets that really help with weight loss in pets. They use a combination of calorie restriction, appetite modification and promotion of fat burning that can get the kilos off your pet where home management just is not working.
As for arthritis, there are many different treatment options. See my next instalment for what is available to help ease the pain of sore joints in our pets and bring old dogs back to life!


And Reeva one of our other vets has helped me out as I was too scared to get behind the camera!


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