National Desexing Month

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It’s National Desexing month in July- an innovative and fabulous scheme set over 10 years ago this year by the ‘The National Desexing Network’ (NDN). Their aim; to end over population of cats and dogs in Australia. Did you know, nationwide around 23 cats or dogs die each hour in shelters and pounds in Australia- at Highton Vet Clinic, we aim to support their innovative of the NDN- its just not fair- so, lets jump on board of this idea and try and decrease these astonishing figures!

Unwanted pregnancy and overpopulation of cats and dogs aren’t just the only reasons we recommend neutering you pet- below is a small piece on reasons we recommend this procedure for your pet.

Keep checking our blogs for more information this month on desexing your pet

 As we mentioned before, Its NATIONAL DESEXING MONTH in JULY- and at Highton Vet Clinic we are offering reduced desexing throughout the month. Give us a call 03-52430077  if you wish to make an appointment for your dog or cat.

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