Desexing your Male Dog (Castration)

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Did you know a male dog can smell a female in heat from almost two kilometers away?! SO, The majority of stray dogs are..? Yep, you guessed it- ‘entire’ male dogs; just out looking for a date- their nose and other anatomy most certainly leading them to trouble.

Not only does their wandering lead them straight to the pound (with quite a hefty exit fee!) it also can put them at risk of getting hit by cars too.

Aggression amongst male dogs is also very high when un neutered. Even when socialised well, the overwhelming amount of testosterone they produce makes even the best of friends fight in order to be ‘top dog’.

Both testicular and prostate cancer are very common in male dogs that aren’t neutered too- so man up and make your man- less of a man- by increasing his life span by multiple years and having him desexed.



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