Desexing your Male Cat (Castration)

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Everybody loves that smell of fresh cat urine on their doorstop first thing in the morning right?  Your male cat will be more territorial if not desexed and will tend to mark or ‘spray’ in every place inappropriate. They become sexually mature from around 6 months of age- often earlier. Kittens can make kittens and will! - So early neutering is recommended.

Male cats are much more likely to roam to find a female and fight other male cats in the neighborhood if not castrated. Fighting in male cats will cause injury such as abscesses – something we see often in the vet clinic. A more serious problem from fighting is contracting diseases such as Feline Aids. Your male cat will also be at risk of developing testicular cancer later in life if not desexed. A longer and happier life is guaranteed for your male cat when desexed. One of the quicker procedures we perform here at the clinic and we promise, your boy will hardly notice anything is missing!




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