Desexing your Female Dog (spey)

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Your female dog wont need to straighten her hair or touch up her make up to attract a boyfriend- when in heat, she will draw the attention of every male entire dog in your neighbourhood. Female dogs usually cycle around one to twice a year.

The risks of breast and other cancers significantly increase for each season your female dogs has. Not only is cancer a worry for the girls- a common issue we see in older female dogs is a condition called Pyometra- where the uterus becomes infected, leading nasty toxins into the bloodstream and making your dog feel as bad as it sounds, this condition is unfortunately fatal if left untreated. Another condition we see often in female dogs is Phantom Pregnancies. “What??” I hear you say…. Phantom Pregnancy is a condition where too many girly hormones can lead to ‘tricking’ your pooch into think she is expecting- think nesting, carrying toys around like they are her puppies, increased hunger and peanut butter and ice cream cravings at 2am. Oh- did I mention the milk production, it’s all very odd- even more so for her.



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